Website Design & Development

Whether you need simple informational pages, striking galleries, a professional blog, a portal or an online store, it is all available with Reiatsu. We design websites that are tailored to your business requirements. Best of all, everything is mobile-ready right from the start.

Mobile & Web Applications

We can help you choose the right platform for your target audience, and make sure you increase your reach with the right app marketing strategy. We help you choose the right strategy for your app project based on your core objectives, target platform and budget.

Digital Strategy & Services

Our hunger for innovation and for storytelling leads us to new places, where businesses entertain, inform and engage. We can help you redefine your digital
 experience across all
 online channels.

we make DIGITAL ideas,
for a digital world


Motorola G Client: Cero200 S.A
Promo Disco Client: Cero200 S.A
Nespresso Client: Nespresso
Nesquik | Nestlé Client: Cero200 S.A
Cocot outlet Client: Cocot
Cotizápp Client: Mundo Talento
Cotizápp Client: Mundo Talento
Fiat Plan Client: Fiat
Rexona ECO Client: BienBa
El Gran DT Client: Clarín
Fravega/Samsung Client: Samsung
Redken L'Oréal Client: L'Oréal
Promo Las Vegas Client: Frizzé
Vizora Client: Mundo Talento
Axe Facebook Client: CeroNegativo S.A
Maps Peñaflor Client: Grupo Peñaflor
Futbolero Caracol Client: Mundo Talento
Sindicapp Client: Sindicapp
WineBe Social Client: WineBe
Pitney Bowes Client: Mundo Talento
Thiago's Auction SK Client SkullCandy
ArteBa La Rural Client: ElTriple Lab
Levité Minions Client: Cero200 S.A
Touch Color Client: Reiatsu Games
Ibuevanol App Client: CeroNegativo S.A



Fueled by passion, thrived by creativity, thats the easiest way to
describe our team members. get to know us.

Leandro Salar

Developer, endowed with innate curiosity.
Finds pleasure in learning, growing, innovating, investigating and creating.
Every challenge is an opportunity to further study new topics and grow as a developer.
Tries to keep up with the latest technologies and makes the team keep up to date.

Daiana Zavagno

As the designer, she is in charge of making everything look beautiful and impeccable.
Methodic, thorough, always behind the Development team to make sure her designs are 99% what ends up being developed.
Her personality and natural push incentivizes the team to grow better every day.

Brian Sabatino

Serious and very curious developer.
In charge of focusing the whole team regarding the current projects, and providing responsibility and seriousness.
Finds pleasure in trying to figure out everything by himself and improving every day.

Karen Kuhn

Charismatic and determined, she is in charge of making engine of reiatsu work.
She takes the "code" area forward, always trying to deliver the highest quality.

Federico Frega

Even though he is the Junior member of the team, he misses no opportunity to improve himself.
His personality and ideas bring a new, fresh perspective while generating proposals and offering solutions.

Nancy Selva

In charge of guiding, controlling and managing the economic aspects of the agency.
Commitment and responsibility make her a fundamental piece in the decision making process regarding structure and investments.


In charge of bringing joy and energy to the team.
Sweet, happy and easygoing, she is a fundamental team member as the anti-stress piece.

we are moving forward,


Driven by curiosity,
labs is a place where we test new technologies.

Preload of colors, sizes and
modifiable speed

Play with the 3d animation based on twitter's hashtags

A 3d prototype of our logo with threeJS :)

Play in the space with a 3d box canvas animation

Play in the space with a circular canvas animation

Hours minutes seconds
follow the circunference of the circle

let us know your ideas,


Feel free to get in touch with us if you have a new project,
something awesome or just say hello!

Zapiola 2196, Belgrano, Argentina

(+54) 11 5871.9340